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Why The Right Furniture & Décor Can Lift Your Mood

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Winter Blues hit a lot of people, but once winter is done then everyone wants to be outside in the fresh air. If you find your mood changes every time you walk back in your house, winter, summer or spring, just a few minor adjustments could actually brighten your spirit and lighten your mood.

Areas of the house that get a lot less sunlight need more light-colored furniture and décor along with more lighting to increase the brightness that goes into those rooms. If you have dark furniture, and dark lighting with little to no windows that will make for a very gloomy room, which will automatically change your mood the moment you step into it.

One room in particular we don’t pay a lot of attention to many times in terms of décor and furniture is our bedrooms. What we forget is that the last thing we see when we go to sleep really affects our sleep process, which in turn can affect our mood. Changing the lighting in your rooms, adding a corner reading room chair with a little throw rug, and adding some throw pillows to brighten up your room may be all that is needed to get that well deserved sleep you have been needing for such a long time. Bonus, if you find yourself that little reading nook in your bedroom away from the rest of the house, you will have found your own little safe haven to relax before bed. Sounds perfect…


The other thing to think about regardless of your budget is being really honest with yourself in terms of what you don’t like in your house. Sometimes we may not have the money to change it all at once, or even a part of it, but if you could change just one thing that would enhance your mood, that you know would make a huge difference, what would it be? Sometimes it is simple as feeling depressed because you don’t have the furniture you need that makes you feel proud to entertain. In that case maybe it is as simple as getting yourself a sectional, or a new dining table to increase the space in your home so you can have guests over. Start small and build over time. That will create momentum and bring your vision of your happy home that makes you feel good to fruition.


Your mood effects every area of your life, and believe it or not our furniture is one piece to the puzzle that can have a very dramatic effect on our lives. Come on in to Palliucci Furniture and let us help you find the best deals at prices for every budget so you can get yourself and your home feeling the best you can be!  


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