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Organizing With Kids

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A home with children is a busy home! With the right furniture and storage solutions you can keep your home tidy and organized and also a happy, joy filled space for children! Each room should have a storage solution that gives your kiddos a place to put their toys and trinkets away so you’re not tripping over them at all hours of the day.

Let’s start in the entryway. The beauty of the Oslember Console Table is that this hall table offers baskets right at your kiddos level. No excuses for not putting seasonal layers away right away. It’s also a great way to keep track of sunscreen, diaper bag supplies and car ride distractions handy for quick trips out the door.

For even more storage options in the entryway, we love the Charvanna Storage bench in white. This piece is great for bulky winter gear, extra sports equipment, even backpacks and more!

Moving into the living room, we often suggest the Lynnifer Coffee Table. The spacious drawers, and low profile of this coffee table make it perfect for children and adults alike.

Of course, a coffee table with storage is only going to accomplish so much when it comes to your children’s toys. That’s where storage friendly bookshelves come in. The Neil Bookshelf is just perfect for the child friendly home! With a combination of open storage, drawers, and cupboards at various heights, you can have your children help you keep things organized, while still displaying your own books and trinkets!

Upgrading your Bathroom on a Budget

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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Home

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (May 12th!) it’s time to find a gift for Mom that tells her how much you appreciate everything she does for you! Our moms do so much for us and for others that showing our appreciation is the least we can do!Here are some Pallucci Furniture approved gifts [...]

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Weekend Living Room Makeover

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Spring Cleaning Your Home

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Open Storage Solutions

With Spring cleaning on the brain, it’s a great time to take inventory of the items in your home and see if you can organize them in a more efficient way. Or maybe, you would like to start displaying a prized collection? Start by taking a look around your home. What kind of things [...]

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Sleep Better Tonight!

What if we told you that you were just one day away from a better night’s sleep? There are simple things that you can do to make your bedroom the sleep sanctuary that you need! A better night’s sleep means that you can tackle the day and everything that comes with it!The right bed means [...]

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How to Add Colour Blocking to Your Home

Colour blocking is a fun, easy way to add a splash of playful colour to your home. Better yet, you don’t have to renovate your whole home to do it! The beauty of colour blocking is that by incorporating individual pieces in a unique way, you can develop a look and style that is all [...]

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Are You Ready to Get Out of the Mid Century?

We heard you. You have absolutely loved the mid century trend, but you’re ready for something new. The appeal of mid century design is in it’s clean lines, durable materials, and timeless quality. Luckily, there’s more than one design aesthetic that delivers on all these things! Contemporary furniture design such a vast and interesting field [...]

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