The Pros & Cons Of Sofa Beds

Published by Clive Braude on 7th Jul 2017

Sofa Bed 

It’s a sofa; it’s a bed - it’s a sofa bed! The very reason for the existence of the sofa bed is to accommodate friends and family. Its very nature is one of hospitality and of comfort. As a design solution, the sofa bed has come a long way; from bulky and often complicated mechanical beasts to that of chic, simple and durable alternatives to the classic loveseat or couch.

Purchasing a sofa bed is much like weighing your options with any type of furniture: it requires some in-depth research to ensure that you're getting the perfect piece for your own tastes and your specific space. With the options available today, this is often easier said than done. In this post, we'll outline some of the pros and cons to purchasing a sofa bed and what you should expect as an owner.


They Aim to Please

Simplicity, comfort, and practicality are the name of the game. The multi-purpose design of the sofa bed is tailor-made to provide weary and tired visitors with a comfortable spot to lay their heads at night. They’re the ideal alternative to the college-esque futon or the self-deflating blow-up mattress that’s stored in the linen closet down the hall, and with the right mattress, can rival the comfort of your own bed.

The sofa bed offers complete utility in its approach, and eliminates the need for other pieces of guest-centric furniture like cots, and helps to free up floor space in the living room, guest bedroom, or even a revamped office space, den, or study. When you have company spending the night, simply roll out a ready-made bed, and roll it back into the sofa in the morning to regain your living room or den.

Value and Comfort

Sofa beds are popular choices for one great reason - they’re actually pleasant to sleep on; if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be the sought after choice they are today. The beautiful thing about sofa beds is the ability to swap out mattresses over time as they age, and there’s no shortage of comfortable mattress replacements to choose from, like memory foam and pillow top options.

A sofa bed will also become the preferred option for your guests. As a space saver and a comfortable, accommodating space, they’ll appreciate the hospitality - that’s why you’re buying one in the first place, right; to be hospitable? The very concept of the sofa bed offers considerable bang-for-your-buck and the chances are, it’ll be used even when you’re not entertaining overnight guests. They’re perfect alternatives to the standard chaise lounge.

Design Shapeshifters

Perhaps the greatest perk to considering purchasing a sofa bed is the variety of styles and designs that are available today. In the past, sofa beds have offered limited choices to prospective buyers and have limited the selection more so in terms of quality, durable materials, and finishes - not the case anymore. Sofa beds are great investments and can be found in a plethora of styles and designs perfectly suited to complement your existing furniture. This means you won’t have to replace the entire living room to accommodate a new sofa couch.

Sofa beds are also available in a variety of sizes, making them adaptable pieces that can fit with ease into any living situation. In a square-foot challenged den, for example, you may find that a more compact love seat sized sofa bed is the perfect solution to maximize your in-home sleeping arrangements. In an apartment living room, a sofa bed is a great alternative to the existing couch.


You’ll Always Have People Staying Over

One of the more prevalent issues of owning a sofa bed is the fact that you’ll probably have m any overnight guests; people take notice when you offer up an accommodating and comfortable place to crash for the night, and they don’t soon forget it. You’ll be the easy choice for friends and family heading through town. *wink*

They can be Heavy and Big

With the added structural supports and mechanisms needed to accommodate the fold-out mattress, sofa beds have a reputation for being hefty pieces of furniture. Multi-functionality doesn't come for free - these pieces are large and boast the additional weight of an entire mattress curled up under the seats. When you purchase your sofa bed, it's a good idea to enlist the help of some burly friends to assist in traversing any flights of stairs or tricky entranceways.

The space-saving nature of the sofa bed is one of its biggest selling points, but remember that a sofa bed in-use takes up the same space as a bed - meaning that in a cramped living room or small apartment, a sofa bed needs the floor space to fold out and actually be of use. Combat this by measuring your space before you bring the sofa bed home and move some things around to maximize the flow of the room.


Getting used to using the mechanism in the sofa bed may take some time. They’re not difficult systems to use, but of course, require some practice - fortunately, with all of the guests you’ll have, you’ll get used to operating the sofa bed in no time.

Further, excessive use or improper use of this mechanism by guests could help the structural mechanism to wear out quickly. Most manufacturers will offer instructions of proper use when you purchase a sofa bed, and lubrication may be required to keep the piece functioning perfectly.