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Timing is Everything

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Choosing to buy the furniture you want is all about timing. What furniture you need to buy when. Rarely do we replace all our furniture at the same time. Usually we need to change out our mattress and box spring, or we realize the couch has just become too uncomfortable, and it is time for a new one. Maybe your family size is growing, and you need a new dining room table that can accommodate everyone, or maybe you just simply want a change. No matter what your needs are you need to make sure that the furniture you are buying is the furniture you want.

First and most importantly is the why. Why do you want to replace that furniture? Then it is about practicality. What do you need the furniture you are buying to be able to do. Thirdly, what kind of mood and ambience do you want to set for that room. Then the final thing is budget. Answering these questions will allow you to be able to start to piece together what you want and what you need so you can get the perfect pieces of furniture that you will enjoy having for years to come.

Many times impulse buying can lead to regrets. Here at Pallucci Furniture we steer our clients away from buying. We are about making sure that our clients call us with a smile on their face, happy about the furniture they received. Our happiest moments come from when they call us for a new piece of furniture, and are still raving about the last piece or set they bought from us. To us that is what it is all about is our client's happiness. We invite you to come check out our showroom or place your order online. 

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