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Why Leather Furniture is an Obvious Choice

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Maybe you are considering a leather couch and loveseat, or a couple leather recliners in your living room. You get that little voice in the back of your head that it may be too high maintenance when you have a family. There is actually nothing farther from the truth. When you are talking about children, pets (dogs in particular), leather furniture is by far easier to take care of than fabric. Spills, and oopsies are much easier to clean off of leather. Think to movie night, or a kid friendly sleepover. All of a sudden, before you know it there is food and drink everywhere. Someone gets up and knocks over their drink all over the couch. If you have a leather couch, there is no muss or fuss. You just take a damp rag and wipe it away. Follow it up with a dry rag to wipe up all the excess moisture and just like that you are done.

What about comfort? Leather furniture can be some of the most comfortable to sit, lay and even sleep on. Many facets of leather couches, loveseats and recliners are their versatility to be able to create furniture that is sturdy, and comfortable without losing out on quality. Reversable couches, seating with USB inputs, bluetooth speakers. Buying leather furniture has never been more fun. Or how about a recliner with cushioned back support and a remote control. It honestly doesn’t get any better than this. Close your eyes and imagine what having a luxury leather ensemble in your living room could mean for you and your family.

Pallucci Furniture can make your dream a reality. It’s as simple as coming down to our showroom to choose the leather furniture that will for sure be a game changer for you and your family. We pay the tax, while you receive free delivery for all orders over $699. If you choose our payment plan you will have no payments or interest for a year. Let us help you pick out that leather furniture that will serve you and your family enjoyment for years to come. 

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