Fabric Sectionals

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What do you do when you need to buy a sofa for a room that has some awkward angles and corners? Simple. You don’t just purchase any kind of fabric or leather sofa that appeals to you. Instead, you look for a place that sells fabric sectional sofas. These sofas embrace those awkward angles and corners in uninviting rooms and transform them by fitting compactly into medium-sized spaces.

At Pallucci Furniture, we know how a well-chosen sectional can convert an uninviting room into a pleasant sitting room. Therefore, we stock a wide range of sectionals and corner couches that are just perfect for your living room. Our selection comprises some of the most versatile and modern fabric sectional sofas and corner couches that you could ever imagine.

Some Ideas for Getting the Most Value Out of Your Sectionals and Corner Couches

Many people feel that sectionals and corner couches are too large to fit into medium-sized spaces. However, the fact that these items of furniture are compactly built ensures that they can fit into spaces that are not as large or that have angles and corners.

If you want to create a cosy entertainment room, simply orient your sectional in the direction of your television set. Or, if you want to create a comfortable and friendly space for hosting your guests, consider arranging your furniture around a coffee table.

If you’re looking to make innovative use of your sectional, try this. Curl up on the chaise and read the newspaper. Let your spouse stretch out and enjoy an afternoon siesta on the sofa. Talk about a furniture item that allows you multiple uses at the same time!

Get the Best Sectionals and Corner Couches at Pallucci Furniture

If you’re looking around for the best sectionals and corner couches in Vancouver, visit our showroom. We stock an array of fabric sectional sofas that you could order along with multiple components.

Many people find sectionals convenient because it enables them to mix and match the pieces to suit their homes as well as their functional requirements. At our showroom, you will find sectionals with:

-        Left or right facing chaises

-        Additional armless chairs (if you want to extend the seating capacity of your sofa)

-        Foldout sleeper sofa beds and,

-        Chaises that have hidden storage space

You could even consider purchasing a symmetrical corner couch if you prefer those to a chaise.

At Pallucci Furniture, we also give you a one-year warranty on each sectional or corner couch you purchase. So, visit our online store and find the sectional that you’ve always wanted.