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​5 Ways to Create a Cozy Living Room

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It’s where we retreat to relax, congregate to watch a movie and host social gatherings. Considering the living room plays a central role in our home life, the feelings it invokes should be ones of comfort and warmth. By keeping these five design tips in mind, you’re sure to create a welcoming space that is both functional and cozy.

1. Throw Pillows and Blankets

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to bring comfort to your space is by adding colour and texture to furniture in the way of throw pillows and blankets. Transform a hard, stiff chair into a comfortable seat by hanging a soft blanket over the back that’s begging to be leaned back on. Add an arrangement of warm-hued pillows on your couch to create the perfect spot to snuggle up with a good book and hot cup of coffee. These additions will not only give your furniture a cozy appearance, but they will feel as good as they look.


Try a simple and economical solution to your comfy-décor dilemma by adding some colour and texture to the floor of your room. With endless options in materials and designs, rugs can bring quick – and often affordable – relief to anyone stuck in a decorating funk. For a cozy ambience, choose warm, subtle colours alongside the classic impressions of floral and paisley prints. And nothing screams comfort like the soft, fuzzy feel of heavily textured rugs on bare feet. Ensure to also consider all the necessary options like, size and shape when making your selection – will it be one, large circular rug in the center of the room or smaller rectangular ones in high-traffic areas? Whatever the shape or size, this design tool is sure to make a comfortable connection in your disconnected space.

3. Patterns

While bold, blocky colours are a good choice for those looking to make a modern statement with décor, they can sometimes cause a room to feel clinical and impersonal. Induce feelings of comfort using patterns in your furniture and furniture accents. It is, however, important to still keep things simple: use dashes of pattern as one would with colour to highlight interesting pieces in your room. Position a funky, floral-printed armchair next to a solid-coloured couch and loveseat or choose a striped or checkered fabric to reupholster dining room chairs. That small splash of patterned fabric can be all its takes elevate your room from emotionless to warm and inviting.

4. Be Personal

There’s an element of comfort that décor stores do not sell, and which is different in every home. The personal print every individual leaves on their space – whether it’s in the form of family photos, children’s artwork or a record or book collection – is a cozy factor that just cannot be bought. Show your character and individuality by keeping mementos visible, even if they don’t necessarily go with the rest of your décor. A brightly coloured preschool finger painting might not match the English Tudor theme of a living room, but it will add an inviting sense of warmth that no stock painting could achieve.


Throw pillows and rug: check. Patterned accents: check. Cozy atmosphere: not happening. You may have all the necessary ingredients for a snug spot and still find a piece of the puzzle is missing. Often the answer is a simple one – paint. You could have all the finest décor accessories money can buy, but without the right colour on the walls, all of it could be for naught. Bring out the best in your belongings by choosing a complementary tone that accentuates the highlights of your room. For the ultimate feeling of coziness, stick to earthy tones such as neutral beiges, soft yellows, warm reds and subtle golds.

Your living room doesn’t necessarily need a complete overhaul to achieve the level of comfort you’re looking for – sometimes all it takes is adding a few new elements here and there. Be mindful when choosing the additions for your space, and the thoughtfulness you put into your décor will be what makes it feel cozy. 

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