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How We Can Help with Your Feng Shui to Clear Your Home & Space

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Many people right now are trying to think of things to do to keep themselves occupied. That means clean up, organization, home improvement, and re-structuring your environment. One of the things that many people forget about is cluttered space becomes stagnant and where energy can no longer move freely. Feng Shui or even just simply a physical clearing, movement of things, and new pieces can help to bring in new possibilities with a new energy that flows through your home.

This is done by placement of furniture, water fountains, lights in certain places, bright cheerful colors, thereby creating a positive energy flow throughout your room. It has been proven scientifically because we are made of energy. Our bodies, our cells, are created by energy, and that energy also moves outward. It also takes stuff in. When the energy in your home is not flowing, life doesn’t flow properly either. Even in a very literal sense you could also look at it in terms of a cluttered space. If your space is cluttered, and there is no room to walk, without stepping over things, then you trip over things, get frustrated, and in the end it causes a snowball effect. We are meant to live and breathe freely inside our own space.

Having a clean organized space that has your flow to it, placing things where you want them to be, where it feels good to you, puts you in a positive headspace. Regardless of what you believe, positive attracts positive, and negative attracts negative.

So how can you bring a flow and positive energy back to your home? A great way to start with that is by going through each room and deciding where the best place to put the furniture is that you want to keep. When you move things around according to where you want them to be, then all of a sudden you start to find that there are things missing you need to complete your look, and things you really don’t want at all.

Next you can simply make a list for each room of what to get rid of, and what you need to make your home flow and make your home you. Then you can remove them from your home, add the new things where you want them to go and create your positive space. That is where we come in. When you go onto the Pallucci website you can choose from our wide range of living room furniture, dining room tables, throw rugs, tv stands, corner units and so much more, at great prices that will get you revved up to get started on your list today.

We are adhering to the highest of standards during the Covid crisis, and your safety is on the top of our list. Let our family welcome you here at Pallucci Furniture so we can give you the best energetic shopping experience ever. 

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