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Why Buy Your Furniture When You are Home Staging to Sell

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The cost of renting furniture for home staging when you are selling your home can be quite costly when all is said and done. Though home staging is a very important process in selling your home to get the highest dollar amount as possible, unless your real estate agent puts the home staging fees into your agreement to be paid out after the end of the sale of your home, you are losing a lot of money on renting your furniture.

No different than paying your mortgage, why pay on something for who knows how long till your house sells, or you could buy some outstanding furniture at great prices, that you get to choose what you want to do with it in the end. What you choose to do with it after your house is sold is up to you. The main point is you aren’t wasting money. You are investing in furniture that will increase the value of your home, and no matter what you choose to do with your furniture afterwards, the choice is yours. You could keep your new living room set, sell it, or even donate it if you want, but at least you have control of what you are going to do with the home staging furniture once your house is sold.

At Pallucci Furniture with our knock-out winter deals, you can come on in and buy your home staging furniture to sell your home, turning the heads of the potential buyers, as they come through your home. Turn your living room into the ultimate entertaining area, your dining room into a room that potential buyers will envision family gatherings around the table, or making that living room so comfy and cozy for that newlywed couple that they picture themselves cuddling up in their new living room with a bottle of wine on their couch binge watching Netflix on a Friday night. Though it may not be their furniture, having the right furniture and decor in your home can help spark the vision needed for the potential buyer to want to make your home theirs.

All taxes are included in our pricing and timing has never been better. You can even get in on our fantastic financing if you are looking at getting your home ready for market over the upcoming winter months. We look forward to helping your home be the best it can be.  

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