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Boxing Day Wish List

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Christmas is the busiest time of year, or is it? Boxing Day is a mad rush of people getting in for those last minute deals. It is also the time where you look at your house and realize everyone is going or has gone home. Time to put humpty dumpty back together again.

The holiday season is the season for giving. Maybe it is time to give a little bit of extra special love and attention to your home. We have a couple great tips on how to spruce up your home without feeling overwhelmed and putting off the inevitable once yet again.

Walk around the house room by room with a notepad. Write down your treasured items. The furniture and décor that have meaning to you. Then on a separate list, write down all your decor belongings you love, but could part with if something better came along. Lastly write down all the items you want to replace in every room. It is best to do this on 3 sheets of paper with each room, and your list of items below said room.

What this will do is paint a clear picture for you of what is most definitely staying, what needs replacing, and what could be replaced if you found a great deal, or if you found a furniture ensemble included some of your “most definitely get rid of”, and “love but don’t have to keep” Here is a great example. So your lamps belonged to your Grandma, so they are staying. Your end tables, and coffee table were an absolutely “love but don’t have to keep”, and your couch and loveseat are “most definitely get rid of. Now you come in to see us at Pallucci furniture and pick out one of our living room sets, and you are able to get the couch and loveseat you really want, and as an added bonus you get the coffee and end tables that complete your living room. There you have just completed one room off your list. Then you can relocate those items to another area of your home or get rid of them altogether.


Last tip…If you are on a budget and need to prioritize what gets replaced, go month by month and number your replacement furniture. January being 1 all the way to 12 to December. Then you can start to create a monthly budget for your new furniture and décor. Month by month you will begin to see a transformation unfold in your home with your décor and furniture that give you those mixed feelings to an all over sense of accomplishment and happiness as you walk through your house room by room after each transformation is completed. Imagine, Pallucci Furniture bringing you a new furniture delivery each and every month. Come in for our Boxing Week Sale and talk to one of our furniture specialists. We will help you go through your wish list and help you to bring your newly decorated home vision to life for 2020. 


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