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Buying Furniture Does Not Need to Be a Stressful Experience

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Many people put off buying furniture for many reasons. All of the reasons that a person puts off buying new furniture are reasons that cause them stress. Everything from money, finding the time to pick out your new furniture, making sure that you and spouse are on the same page with the furniture you buy, and finances. We have made it so easy to buy your new furniture that we have thought of all the little details that will assist in taking the stress away, right down to how to have safe shopping during our current crisis.

We know that when it comes time to purchase that new living room or dining room set, or realizing that working from home requires you to have more of a true home office set up, then you are put on a crunch of finding what you would really like, at a price you can afford, and receiving your new furniture in a timely manner.


We feel it is our duty to our customers to provide you a simple step by step process with no muss or fuss. You simply look online, pick out your favorite pieces, give us a call and set up a time to come into our show room. You can also order your furniture directly online if that is easier. We even offer in house financing, free delivery over $699, and we take away your old furniture for you as well. We truly have thought of everything.

From the time of your appointment in our showroom to the date your furniture is delivered is typically 72 hours. Our team here at Pallucci Furniture are here to serve you and make your summer as easy, and stress free as possible. Have the furniture you want, as soon as you want it, all at a price you can afford. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Timing is Everything

Choosing to buy the furniture you want is all about timing. What furniture you need to buy when. Rarely do we replace all our furniture at the same time. Usually we need to change out our mattress and box spring, or we realize the couch has just become too uncomfortable, and it is time for a new one. Maybe [...]

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How We Can Help with Your Feng Shui to Clear Your Home & Space

Many people right now are trying to think of things to do to keep themselves occupied. That means clean up, organization, home improvement, and re-structuring your environment. One of the things that many people forget about is cluttered space becomes stagnant and where energy can no longer move freely. Feng Shui or even just simply a physical clearing, movement [...]

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Creating Your Own Space During a Time of Crisis

So many of us are surrounded by loved ones during this time, yet many others are not. Many people are sheltered in their homes or apartments and being unable to access the outside on a regular basis are cooped up indoors. Or people are simply fearful of what is going on out there and just want to stay inside. [...]

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Summer is Almost Here

We know summer is almost here and though we all are unsure of what our summer is going to look like, how things are going to be, and what we will be able to do, we are left feeling a little stuck. Without being able to make plan into the near future for vacations, for get togethers, [...]

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Tips to Design your Dream Holiday Home

Holiday homes are already a rage and craze as more and more holidaymakers want a holiday home that gives them a feeling of living in a home away from home. When it comes to dreaming about your beau ideal getaway, we know that you want the best in comfort and style.The design of your holiday home is the [...]

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What happens when you have everything for your home, yet still it feels like you have empty space? Or there is just certain areas of your home that could use just a little more pampering. That is where furniture side pieces and décor become the magic that will spruce up your home, and give it a little added flair.When [...]

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Spring is right around the corner. That could only mean one thing. Spring cleaning is in the air. What better time to start replacing your furniture? Bring in those wafts of clean fresh air to a newly organized clean home, surrounded by new furniture before spring has even sprung.Spring will have never felt better. What is it that [...]

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Why Buy Your Furniture When You are Home Staging to Sell

The cost of renting furniture for home staging when you are selling your home can be quite costly when all is said and done. Though home staging is a very important process in selling your home to get the highest dollar amount as possible, unless your real estate agent puts the home staging fees into your agreement to be paid out after [...]

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Out With The Old & In With The New for 2020

The New Year is upon us now, and with the new year comes time for change. Changes to our well being, things we want to do that we didn’t get to do last year, things we want to improve upon, and cleaning out our closet so to speak.What changes do you want to make in the New Year? [...]

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