Published by Clive Braude on 30th Jan 2020

Have you ever noticed that some of your furniture is causing you unneeded pain? Whether you are laying on the couch watching tv, sitting at the dining room table, working at your office desk, or sleeping in your bed, the way you sit or lay on certain pieces of furniture can wreak havoc on your body after an extended period of time.

There are certain questions you can ask yourself in your home. Do you find that wake up stiff in the morning? Or do you get up from the couch and feel like you need to immediately sit back down because everything hurts. Some things are about posture, but others aren’t. Unneeded pressure on your body because of the way something is made, and how your body can or can’t conform to it can be the difference in you suffering from unnecessary body pain especially in your back and in your neck areas. These are typically the places the feel the most pressure and over time can lead to even more problems in other areas of your body, such as your legs and arms. Believe it or not even the way you lay down at night on the couch after supper can affect your digestion. It’s true! Crazy fun fact.


Finding just the right mattress can be a challenge but believe it or not finding the right couch can even be more of a challenge. People believe it or not will sit on a sofa for only 2 minutes, love the look of the couch and they decide to take it. Not realizing till a few weeks in that in hurts to lay down on, or fall asleep on, as well all do from time to time watching tv. Instead of selling it, people justify it being a new couch, and though you think over time your body is getting used to it, actually it doesn’t. Make the decision to take your time and find the perfect couch that you feel comfortable in whether you are sitting or lying down.

Our experts can help you pick the furniture that will work for you. We work hardwith our customers with what their needs are and what matters to them in terms of budget, style, and yes comfort. Your needs matter to us, and we want to help you find the ultimate of comfort for you and your entire family.


Time to take care of you and your family and make sure that your body is treated with the utmost care right down to the furniture you sit or lay on. Pallucci Furniture has a wide selection of couches, mattresses, and office chairs to make sure that you find the exact furniture to suit your comfort level. As experts in the furniture industry we are here to help make sure your furniture is a positive extension of your life. Come on down and take advantage of the free delivery for all orders of $650 and up, and let us bring you some much needed comfort.