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How to Make the Most Out Of A Small Living Room

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The need for scaled-back homes has increased over the past few years, especially in the Metro Vancouver Area.

With today’s sky-rocketing real estate prices, many families these days are opting for smaller, more affordable dwellings. Also, retirees who no longer have the need for the space in their family homes are choosing to downsize into apartments or condos.

Whether you’re buying your first home or downsizing into a smaller one, here are seven tips to ensure a stylish transition that makes the most of your slimmed down living space:

Buy multi-functional pieces of furniture

To fit the increasing needs of people living in smaller spaces in urban settings, many furniture designers have started creating pieces that serve dual purposes. To make the most out of your tiny abode, choose an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or a sofa with a storage compartment. A sofa bed is an excellent way to create more space in an apartment that lacks a separate bedroom.

Light paint colors

Current trends these days tend to lean toward dark vibrant paint colours, however, when selecting paint colours for a small space, be sure to opt for lighter tones. Darker shades will make a room seem smaller. A good way to achieve this is to paint your walls a clean white – add a white couch and softly coloured window coverings and you’ve got a timeless look that doesn’t make your living room look like shoebox. If a crisp white wall isn’t your preference, try using a pale blue or soft yellow shade.

Use of mirrors

Mirrors are a classic interior design trick that dates back to the 1970’s as they give a smaller room depth. One way to achieve this is to add a tall floor-length mirror to one of the main walls in your living room - this will make your tiny living room appear larger and extra spacious. As a more affordable option, some designers also suggest grouping multiple mirrors on the same wall to achieve the same effect.

Smaller furniture

When selecting furniture for a smaller room, it’s advisable to keep in mind the size of the room and how the pieces will look. For example, a large sectional sofa will overpower a small living room and make it seem diminutive. For the best results -forgo the large sofa in favour of smaller pieces, such as a loveseat and a couple chairs.

Built in storage

Built-in cabinets and shelves are increasing in popularity, to the point where many newly built home are coming pre-equipped with them. Not only are they super functional, they are pleasing to eye as well.

Use of wall mounts

A good motto to live by when decorating a small room is “If you can, mount it to the wall.” Especially when it comes to electronics- -gone are the days of space consuming big box televisions. Most modern homes have flat screen, wall mounted TVs and it’s easy to see why. They give a room a clean, updated look and they hide unsightly cable wires. If you’re considering purchasing a gas fireplace, many companies are starting manufacture wall mounted ones. Once considered a luxury item, they are now surprisingly affordable and look incredibly impressive.

Keep it Simple

In some cases, there can be too much of a good thing. This holds especially true to furnishing a small living room. Too many pictures and ornamentation on the walls can not only make a room smaller, it can make it look like a cheesy family chain restaurant. Keep to a simple theme and maybe one or two key items per wall, such as a treasured family portrait or a unique find from an antique store. This also goes for items not hanging on the wall – ensure that small items such as books and toys are tucked away from plain view.

Selecting a home to move into can be an overwhelming decision, especially when cost and space is a factor. Just be aware that no matter the size, a stylish home is within your reach.

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