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Overlooked, No More: the 3 Most Forgotten Areas of Living Room Décor and How to Fix Them

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Whether it’s the sofa or a favourite armchair, there are certain staples of every living room that never really get sidelined. Of course, with almost every family room there’s some oddity that’s left off in the corner and forgotten about because it’s old or damaged or no one knows quite what to do with it. If your living room is close to ideal but you’re having trouble with one small item, here are some things you can do to fix up the following issues that might be ailing your space.

The Awkward, Matching Ottoman

There was a time when matching furniture sets were all the rage and they were considered an ideal way to decorate your living room, but with those days gone, you might not know what to do with the patterned ottoman of the past. As an ottoman can be re-purposed as an extra chair or can imbue an eclectic look, instead of giving it away or discarding it, consider a re-cover! An ottoman that’s matchy-matchy will certainly age your living room, but with a funky new fabric it can re-invigorate your space and add a much-needed alteration to a formerly maligned item.

The Dreaded, Empty Space

Maximizing a small space can be difficult, but highly beneficial. No matter how much time and effort you’ve put into the overall look of your living room, there may have been a point in time when you got a bit tired of decorating it and gave up on that last, little bit of space that needed some attention. While this space will be extra important to fill in if you have a sizeable living room, a diminutive patch of space can be accentuated nicely with a tall, leafy plant or even a quirky side table adorned with a selection of books. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and can be an easy fix that makes all the difference for the impact of your living room.

An Old, Defeated Armchair

If your living room was designed a while ago, it’s entirely possible that you have one piece of furniture – perhaps a bulky chair in the corner – that isn’t quite up to par but does the trick as an additional sitting space. While a corner chair can be comfortable and familiar, if it’s quite aged and its quality has deteriorated it can actually deflate the appearance of your living room and bring down some otherwise striking pieces. You could certainly consider recovering the chair, but another great option is to purchase a smaller, more modern replacement that will give the space a quirky look. Going with a smaller piece or a butterfly style chair can still keep things relatively cheap, and it will likely provide for an instantly modern look.

If you’re living room is just one small item or one empty space away from perfection, there are a few options you have for filling the space in an optimal way so you can maximize its look. While a plant or a neat side table are often enough to do the trick, there’s always the option of changing things up entirely so one small change will lend an entirely new aesthetic.

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