Plan Ahead for Those Spring & Summer Get-Togethers So Your Home is Visitor Friendly

Plan Ahead for Those Spring & Summer Get-Togethers So Your Home is Visitor Friendly

Published by Clive Braude on 25th Apr 2022

We are finally ready to start making plans for a spring and summer that is full of adventures and get togethers. Get togethers means entertaining our guests of both large and small gatherings. Having enough room to accommodate them including sleeping can be challenging at the best of times, but also something we have to re-adjust to after so much time in our houses the last few years. The time has come for many of us, while we do our spring cleaning to really make sure we are ready for our friends and family to come over for BBQ’s, July 1st gatherings, and other spring and summer get togethers. Let’s go over things room by room and help you make a plan of what needs to change so you can be guest ready!

The best thing to do when you want to make sure you have the appropriate furniture to accommodate your guests is to look at your need. Do you expect to have more people outside, or will there be times that the gatherings will be inside? If you are looking at having parties that people will have people gathered inside, you want to make sure that you have both living room and dining room furniture that will accommodate. This usually means having enough seating in the living room to ensure that all your guests will be comfortable. For this reason, we almost always suggest a sectional as it seats more people than a couch and chair. If you have a large living room, you could opt for a living room set with a couch and a loveseat. Either way you may need to consider an occasional chair or two to make sure you have enough space to suit all your guests. Or maybe even two couches if your space is quite large, and then add in the occasional chairs to finish off the look. If you are going to have a lot of guests opting for a gray or blue color may be the best option, as white and cream tend to get dirty very easily.

Then there is the dining room. The most important part of the dining room is making sure that there is enough space and seating to gather around the dinner table. Finding a table that suits your home is also very important. Look at your flooring, the color of your walls, and that will help you to narrow down your choices on the type of dining table and chairs you would like.

Then finally for those guests who sleep over, you need to make sure there is enough space for them. If you are opting for a new sectional, you can take care of that at the same time by purchasing a sectional that turns into a bed. if you have a spare bedroom then you want to make sure your mattress and box spring is current enough, they will get a good night’s sleep. A good way to find this out would be the next time you have a nap, grab your favorite blanket and your pillow and go nap on the spare room bed. You will soon find out how your guests feel when they wake up. More often than not most people don’t want to offend you so they don’t say anything. If you find that you need a new mattress and box spring that is where we come in. We can help you to choose the perfect mattress that will make everyone who sleeps in your spare room happy. Our knowledgeable staff down here at Pallucci Furniture can help you to pick out the perfect mattress, sectional, dining room table and chairs, and anything else that you may need to have your home guest ready for your upcoming get togethers. With our no tax, free delivery over $699, and our in-house financing preparing for the best of 2022 has never been so exciting. Oh, did we mention we can take away your old furniture for you at the same time. We look forward to hearing from you!