Spring is Almost Here and Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is Almost Here and Time for Spring Cleaning

Published by Clive Braude on 1st Mar 2021

Ahh yes, spring cleaning. There has never been a better time than 2021 to really do a complete overhaul. Get rid of everything you really don’t need to make way for the new. We are ready for new beginnings, and feeling fresh and anew by the time spring actually is here. After having had an incredibly cold and damp winter, we want to allow the sun to stream into our homes, allowing us to feel alive and refreshed.

The question is what to do with your home once you have removed what you no longer need. Maybe you are happy with your current furniture but just need to spruce things up, and maybe it is time to really dig in, and decide what finally needs to go so you can bring in some new pieces. We are going to give you a couple of ideas to get those gears turning so you can give you and your home that spring makeover feeling.

  • 1.Find your color scheme – Every room should have a color scheme, say ivory and purple and pink in the living room, mahogany, with white and black and in the dining room, and maybe you really love purple. So, you could do purple and teal in your bedroom just to give it a little bit of lift and zest. This will allow you to pick your accessories for each room. Whether that is your throw pillows, your area rug, blankets, bedding, or your pictures, you have a great place to start to bring some color back into each room.
  • 2.Pick the minimum pieces of furniture that are must haves for your room. Say for your bedroom that it is your bed, two side tables, and a dresser. Your living room might be two recliners, a loveseat, and end table to live in between the recliners, and a tv stand. In your dining room maybe all you need is a table and chairs. Some may want a few additional chairs and a cabinet. Then you can look what you have, what you want to keep, and what you need, and you can narrow down your must haves, so you don’t go over budget while furniture shopping. Then with the extras you can start to add in your décor and accessories.
  • 3.Finally, and we feel this is the most important, make sure that your finished vision has all it’s pieces, comfortability, durability, and functionality. You need to make sure what you have chosen is what you want, and that you are comfortable with it. Ensure that the fabric you get for your furniture and accessories will stand up to whatever it is you need (children = spills, pets = accidents, pet hair, company and family gatherings = faster wear and tear). Functionality means you will be able to use it for the needs and wants that you and your family have.
  • When you go through these three steps, you can be sure that your house or apartment is going to feel great to you this spring, and moving forward. Pallucci Furniture can help you implement your spring-cleaning game plan with our no tax and free delivery over $699. Our in-house financing can also help you to easily budget getting your furniture when you want it. Who ever thought that spring cleaning would be something to look forward to