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The Ultimate Kid Cave Living Room

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Kids Living Room

Everyone needs their own space to kick back and relax - especially if you’re a parent. Our children are the crowning achievements of our lives, but some space to call our very own would be oh-so-sweet wouldn’t it? But here’s a tip: give your kids their very own special space instead and watch as you earn a few parental points.

The man-cave or Ladies Living Room is a popular way to articulate a space dedicated to all things quintessentially ‘man’ or ‘woman.’ A comfy set of leather couches, a mini fridge and bar setup, maybe an elaborate library space for reading and conversing with friends, or even the perfect breakfast nook, etc. The man-cave and Ladies Living Room are built strategically to entertain and de-stress adults, surrounding them with all of their favourite things so they assume a sense of ownership; the kid cave, does just the same but places emphasis on your children and their interests.

In this post, we’ll debunk a few of the best and brightest ideas for constructing the perfect kid cave and reclaiming your own space in the process.

Furniture and Materials

Every kid cave must feature a few specific things - and they’re not what you may think. Depending on the age of your kids one of the best features your kid cave can possess is a great place to enjoy an after-school snack, or watch a Friday night movie with friends. Give your kids the luxury of a big comfortable couch that can take all sorts of abuse. It should be impervious to scratches, rips, stains and other types of damage only kids know how to inflict.

A bonded leather is a great solution for a kid cave sofa for its ability to shed dirt, spills, and grime - meanwhile, it’s an affordable alternative to genuine leather. The same goes for a coffee table or couch end tables - a good quality wooden piece will absorb a lot of damage when compared to a chic glass tabletop.

When you’re constructing the space, don’t neglect to look under your feet. A carpeted space will act as a magnet for spills and stains, so consider making a room that’s already finished in hardwood or laminate flooring the kid cave. An area rug can offer some sound-dampening qualities, and give the space a sense of identity.


Next is a ton of storage space for all of their stuff. A kid cave will inevitably include a plethora of toys, trinkets, collections, art supplies, games and books - so sturdy shelving and a few stackable plastic tote bins make for fantastic additions to any kid-centric space.


The Pièce de résistance is the multimedia centre. Your kid cave doesn’t need a 4K Smart TV, but a good sized screen is crucial so they’re able to enjoy the odd program or movie without having to squint to see it from the couch. Give them the benefit of a shock-proof wireless speaker system so they can be creative and use the space while listening to their favourite tunes when hosting their friends.

Stock the kid cave with supplies that they’ll need to entertain themselves. Paper, stickers, a basket for toys, a few pillows and blankets, and books.


Key to any space dedicated towards a specific member or two of the family is some privacy. What man cave would be built smack dab in the centre of the living room? The basement, for example, makes for a perfect place to transform the family rec room into a stellar kid cave because it offers your children some privacy to do their thing (and some well-deserved silence for you).


Consider the composure of your man cave or lady's living room. Each space likely oozes with a specific identity, tailored to your personality and tastes - the kid cave must mimic that same concept.

Ask them about paint colours, what kinds of activities they want to tackle in the space, and decide what you can achieve with their input as your guiding force. When the space dictates their own distinct sense of energy and purpose, the room will see a lot more use, and will be valued more than if you were to build it without their guidance.

Consult the wisdom of colour theory to help dictate the energy of the space. Consider that blue is a tranquil colour, green ushers in a sense of vitality and freshness, while purple is great for a concentration-based learning space. Also, ensure that the kid cave has ample access to natural light and windows that allow fresh air through - the energy change in a room that’s customized to reflect specific feelings can be quite powerful.

Leave it to the Kids 

Trust your kids and allow them to brainstorm with you so they can contribute some ideas to their own space. When they’re able to be involved in the creation of the kid cave, they’ll take a great sense of pride in showing it off - and hopefully keeping it in tip-top shape. To put this in perspective, ask yourself how you’d react if your significant other built your man cave to reflect that they had in mind for you. 

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