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​The Ultimate Ladies Living Rooms

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Whether it's for high tea, a romance movie marathon with your girls, midnight martinis, or just lounging around on comfy furniture, the living room is where the bachelorette does the majority of her entertaining.

Now close your eyes and imagine your ideal pad. Is it sophisticated and urban like Carrie Bradshaw's abode on Sex and the City? Or perhaps, it has more of an endearing country charm that mirror's Martha Stewart's signature style.

We've dug up a little inspiration as seen in modern pop culture to help you amp up the estrogen factor in your living room.

Ladies, do you recognize this iconic living room? If you don't, we'll give you one hit – many cosmopolitan martinis were sipped on this cobalt blue sofa. Tales of romance and heart-break also were shared in this very room. If you guessed Carrie Bradshaw's abode, you're bang on. While one would be hard-pressed to find an apartment this spacious in the big city on a writer's budget, a gal can still dream.

We're pretty sure Martha Stewart was missing her elegant and spacious living room back when she was serving time in the slammer. Unlike the white walls found in the dame of domesticity's jail cell, her summer house (as seen in the Daily Mail) is decorated to the highest standards using neutral colours and colourful accessories. As inviting as her living room looks, I wouldn't recommend kicking up your heels on this sofa. Mrs. Stewart is one feisty and creative jail bird you probably don't want to mess with!

Consider yourself pretty lucky and important if you are ever invited for tea at the White House. Michelle Obama has entertained everyone from kings and queens to movie stars inside the famous Oval Parlor & Library. Reserved for important guests, the sitting room –assembled during the Jacqueline Kennedy renovation –is decorated with tasteful yellow hues and furnished with Louis XVI- style furniture.

Once a Barbie girl, always a Barbie girl, right? Here's your chance to live it up in your very own custom Barbie pad thanks to the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. No matter how old you are, the suite's quirky and authentic decor will make you and your gal pals feel young at heart. Unless your boy toy is Ken, we don't recommend copying this look for your own bachelorette pad -- all that pink and plastic could have them running for the hills. With that being said, it sure looks like the perfect accommodations for a girls' getaway.

Imagine the cocktail parties you could throw in this swanky princess pad from the movie Down With Love starring Rene Zellweger. The 60s-inspired decor ads a playful air of sophistication – it's also just the right dose of pink, unlike the Barbie suite mentioned above. However, to avoid any lawsuits, we advise you make guests remove their stilettos before hiking up the treacherous spiral staircase.

Fancy a room that's fit for a queen? Queen Elizabeth's Balmoral living room isn't exactly the image one would conjure up when they think of Her Majesty's abode, but it's home-sweet-home for this royal. The photo, which appeared in the Daily Mail, shows a penchant for plaid and accessorizing. Do you think she's gone too far? I wonder what New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (shown above) is smirking about. Could it be her eclectic decor scheme? I guess we'll never know.

Now here's a real blast from the ghost of living rooms' past. While it's not super girly, we figured it was worth a shout out. After all, the queen of comedy Lucille Ball served refreshments and some great punch lines in this tasteful sitting room as shown by the Directors Guild of America.

Well that's a wrap ladies, but we want to know – do you fancy yourself kicking up your heels in any one of the seven aforementioned living rooms? 

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