Tis the Season for Christmas Cheer and Boxing Day Bliss!

Published by Clive Braude on 21st Dec 2020

Well Christmas is almost here, as is Hanukkah, Boxing Day, and New Years are fast approaching as well. Now is the time for us to get ready for that big holiday rush. One thing after another and another and before we know it we will be in 2021.

What shopping do you need to do to get ready for Christmas and Boxing Day? How about preparing for Christmas and Boxing Day at the same time with our sale!

Have Dad’s new chair ready for him under the tree! Or better yet, give him a small present on Christmas day, and then bring him into our store on Boxing Day to pick out his own! Now wouldn’t that be an awesome surprise for Dad?

What about Mom? How many Mom’s are working from home right now? What if you could make Mom a little more organized? How about giving Mom a new desk just for her that no one else gets to use?

What about for the kids? Well you know there is so much when it comes to the children that they want in terms of toys, gadgets and things that they can play with, but there is something about our children watching us build something that really gets them excited. What about a new tv stand for your son’s room, or to go with that tablet you are buying your daughter buy her accent chair for the corner of her room with an ottoman. She will never want to leave her room.