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Top 5 Movie Snacks for Your Home Theatre

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Now that you’ve outfitted your brand new home theatre with that perfect sofa and the most up-to-date equipment, you may be thinking it’s time to show off your excellent taste. Why not host a movie night for your family and friends? And what goes hand in hand with movies? Snacks! Here is a rundown of the most popular movie snacks and ways you can give them that extra oomph.


When brought up in discussion, most people tend to bash this movie house staple – it’s hardly something that most like to admit they partake in. Between the not-so-fresh tortilla chips and the questionable plastic-like texture of the cheese sauce, nachos have gained quite a bad reputation over the past few decades. As a result, we are forced to eat them in secrecy. Thankfully, the darkness of the theatre will prevent the world from witnessing you consume what could possibly be the ultimate guilty pleasure. At home, however, is another story. Why not take advantage of your home kitchen and kick boring Nachos to the curb? Food Network Magazine has compiled a list of 50 unique Nacho recipes - all delicious and designed to crush your Nacho craving.

With unique ideas such as duck topped baguette slices or even bacon and eggs, you’re sure to find one to satisfy even the pickiest foodie in your family. On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about the ingredients in the fake plastic cheese.

Gummy Candy

Another favourite movie snack is the gummy candy. Originated in Germany in the 1920’s, this tasty confection has enjoyed worldwide popularity amongst children and adults alike. It’s most unique quality is its ability to take on just about any form, from coke bottles and worms to teeth and feet. What most people don’t know, is that you can make Gummy candies in the comfort of your own home and using just two ingredients – gelatin and fruit juice. Check out this easy tutorial from Chatelaine magazine for instructions -- it's perfect for those who like to know exactly what goes into their treats.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, try this recipe for Vodka infused gummy bears from Mixt Just remember to keep these away from the kids - these bears are for adults only.

Hot Dogs

Another entry from the questionable ingredient category, hot dogs have long been a favourite to hungry movie goers across North America. Tasty, handheld and versatile, hot dogs are one of the most popular foods in Canada. However, there has been increasing concern in regards to the ingredients that go into these delicious little tubes of meat. Now, we won’t get into exactly some of the things found in your average frankfurter, we don’t want to scar you for life. Let us put it this way - you may want to consider making your own wieners for your next movie night.

Now, it takes some time, effort and proper equipment, but it can be done. has posted an in-depth tutorial on the fine art of Hot Dog making. Now that the hard work is done, it’s time to think outside the box and dress those homemade gems up with some unique toppings. Check out this article from Real Simple for 13 unique hot dog topping ideas. Or, just using mustard and ketchup is fine too. Just don’t spill on your brand new couch, nothing leaves a stain like a ketchup/mustard combo.


Universally loved by all, chocolate is reigning king of all sweet treats. Not only is it delicious on its own, it’s also amazing when it joins forces with other foods. Anything dipped in chocolate is a recipe for success and it’s no surprise that it pairs well with movies. Rather than making a trip to the mini-mart for an average, run of the mill bag of chocolate pretzels, kicks things up a notch with taste of home’s homemade chocolate covered bacon recipe.


Popcorn is the lord and emperor of the movie concession stand. It has the power to make even the most strong-willed individual break down and succumb to its calorie-ridden deliciousness. At home, however, you have the power to make it your own. You control the popcorn, not the other way around. Start, with air-popping your kernels – this will eliminate excess fat that comes from popping it the standard coconut oil. Next, amp it up with Serious Eats’ list of 10 popcorn seasonings.

With a new home theatre and snack ideas like this, you’ll never want to go to the theatre again.

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