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Trick or Cheap: How to Fool People Into Believing Your Furniture is Expensive

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For many of us, filling our homes with quality, handmade furniture is a work in progress. Chances are your roster of second hand or IKEA pieces are coexisting quite happily next to your investment pieces. But, that doesn’t mean that your placeholder pieces of furniture can’t look just as good as the rest of them.

Fall is the season for spending more time indoors. Less time on patios downtown, and more nights spent at friend’s homes playing cards, eating carbs, and swapping stories about the summer.

The studies show that those who feel more relaxed in their homes have improved quality of life. If you’re like us, taking care of your furniture makes us feel more relaxed. Here are a couple tricks for keeping your investment pieces looking brand new, and your hand me downs looking like family heirlooms.

There’s a lot that can be done with a fresh coat of paint. That said, just slapping a fresh coat on top of a couple years of chipped paint and caked on dust won’t do the trick. Take the time to sand down wooden furniture. Rent electric hand sanders, or borrow them from friends, to speed up the process and save your hands for painting. Depending on your decorating style, choose between a chalk paint, sleek white coat, or even varnish. Head to Youtube for endless videos on refinishing wooden furniture. Maybe you’ll discover a new hobby!

While you’re at it, change out the hardware. This tip can also go for door knobs, kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, nightstands, bathroom cabinets. Hardware is so simple to change and makes such an impact. It allows you to express your individuality, and you can always take it with you if you move. This is a great tip for renters.

For soft furnishings like sofas, loveseats, and accent chairs focus on cleanliness, slipcovers and accessories. While you’re saving up for the upgrade, purchase an inexpensive slipcover to mask those coffee stains, and investin some throw pillows that match the new cover.


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