What Kind of Furniture to Get When You Let Your Dog Come On The Couch

What Kind of Furniture to Get When You Let Your Dog Come On The Couch

Published by Clive Braude on 8th Mar 2021

There is nothing like the love of a pet to fill our hearts and make our lives so much fuller and more fulfilled. Some of us like having our pets near to us at all times, and that means coming up on the furniture. It is nice to have them snuggle and be near to us, but how can we let our best furry friends up on the couch or our recliner without it getting damaged too much. Is there furniture that we can choose that will create the least amount of wear and tear?

There are a few things to consider when letting our fur babies up on the furniture. Do they shed? Do they claw or dig, and do they slobber? Yes, you heard us right slobber. It is a thing and actually can stain the furniture so easily. So there is leather, fabric and micro-suede. All 3 kinds are amazing to work with but make sense with more breeds than others.

If you have a pet who digs or claws then you want to stay away from leather. Micro-suede is very durable and dogs unlike cats can’t typically penetrate something quite as easily through micro-suede or fabric, but it is easy for them to damage leather. Shedding actually is harder to get out of some fabrics, but very easy to wipe off of leather, and with a vacuum and a damp cloth also easily comes out of micro-suede. Now if your beloved best friend slobbers leather may be the way to go, or micro-suede if you properly treat the micro-suede from the onset and give it a good wipe down every time you see a new mark or at least get in the habit of wiping it down every couple days. The other option if your pet is good about staying in one area is to simply lay down a blanket or a pet bed on their area of the couch and have the pet stay in that area. If that is not a possibility then you definitely want to pick the furniture that will the most durable and long lasting for your dog.