When Your Dining Room and Living Room are in the Same Space

When Your Dining Room and Living Room are in the Same Space

Published by Clive Braude on 12th Apr 2021

When you have your dining room and living room area in the same space it can be very confusing in terms of what furniture is best suited for your space, so you don’t have an overcrowding of furniture. At the same time allowing you to have the functionality and have separation all at the same time You want where you are eating to be a different place than where you are relaxing. Creating a functionality and symbiotic relationship between the two rooms can be difficult when they are really only one room, but not impossible. It all comes down to finding furniture that works within the space you are working in.

If you have a condo area, chances are many of the condos the living rooms turns into your dining area in a very small space. Choosing both a small dining room table and a couch in a case like that may be your best option.

You want to leave the room feeling airy and leave space in between the two rooms. If your couch is almost flush with your dining table it’s too close and will start to feel cramped. The issue is some of the condos have a space at the counter for people to have bar stools but then really don’t leave very much room to have a table of any kind. At that point you are almost left with having to put something in between the table and couch area, that allows them to be close but not too close. You want to create a distinction between the dining area and living area. You could put a bookshelf in between them like the one seen below. That would allow the separation and still allow the areas to flow together. 

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