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Our bedroom is our haven. It is the place that we go at the end of the day where we can feel safe and secure tucked into our beds, surrounded by the creature comforts we cherish like our fluffy comforters and our favorite pillows. We lay our heads down to rest, so that we can sleep, and allow our bodies to get the rest and rejuvenation we need to face the next day. How your bedroom looks, and how your bed feels will not only dictate how good of a sleep you have, but the amount of time you want to spend in your room. Finding the perfect bedroom furniture is as easy as 1-2-3 with Pallucci Furniture when deciding on what bedroom furniture is going to work best for you

Depending on how large your bedroom is will determine how much bedroom furniture you can fit into your bedroom. Do you have a walk-in-closet in your bedroom that will house all of your clothes? If you do then you aren’t going to need dressers. If you only have a small closet, especially if you have a partner you share a room with, then you are going to need dressers, and bedside tables.

Then there is the matter of the bed. Do you want a double, queen or maybe even a king? How about choosing the perfect mattress that will ensure you get the proper night’s sleep without any worry of back pain or discomfort. There’s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect mattress

Everything from the coils, the foam inserts, right down to the topper of the mattress. Our friendly knowledgeable staff can help you in all those areas including helping you pick out the perfect bed frame. With all the contemporary modern bed frames that include storage, drawers, and even fabric headboards, it is all up to your tastes and imagination what the perfect bedroom looks like to you. From the stain of the wood, style of the furniture, right down to the finest detail of your mattress, we want to help you to create your bedroom oasis that will have you wanting to retire for the night early, just so you can sink into that bed, get all cozy, and drift off to sweet dreams.