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5 Signs It's Time To Purchase a Sofa Bed

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If you know Pallucci, you know we love our sofa beds. In fact, we’ve already weighed the pros and cons of sofa beds and gave you a few things to consider about the sofa bed transition. A sofa bed provides you with added value because you get more functionality than a standard sofa. Sofa beds can be used as a couch to watch Netflix, sleep on as a bed, and even store your extra blankets! 

Living room space can be tight sometimes and you may not even realize it, yet. In Vancouver, it’s well know that apartment space is limited. Just last September, it was reported that in Vancouver paying $1,875/month for your rental unit will give you an average of 610 square feet. Yikes. So let’s make the most of that space. Here are five signs it’s time to invest in a sofa bed.

1. You host gatherings and parties.

If you’re the someone who hosts the usual family gatherings, you know what we’re saying. You entertain the typical family Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving get-togethers, or you just host a lot of parties! Regardless, these gatherings go late and people could always use a place to sleep. Sofa beds are perfect for transitioning your living room from a social party to a guest room. Clean up the food and drinks and bring out the blankets, in a few easy steps.

2. You always offer a place to sleep.

Being a good friend often means accommodating them when the time is needed. Whether your friend got evicted from their apartment or they're stopping by on a road trip, a sofa bed will keep them well rested for short or long term. A guest may say they’re okay with the couch, but letting them relax on an actual bed can’t be turned down. When it's time for home improvements, save your money by skipping out on the guest bedroom and go with a sofa bed instead.

3. Your significant other asks you to sleep on the couch.

Now, this doesn’t have to mean there's an argument or something; this can be for several reasons. Sometimes we all need a space of our own to sprawl out on. A sofa bed is excellent for late night transitions to the living room. Don't worry about waking anyone in the middle of the night either; no one will hear a sound.

4. Your kids have their friends over, often.

You're the parent who has all of their kids' friends over for sleepovers, meaning you’re responsible for sleeping arrangements. A large sectional sofa bed will let the kids hang out and relax with an "L" shape arrangement. Try our Aspen Bonded Leather Reversible Sofa Bed; it acts as a great family room sofa while giving your kids some play area when it shifts into an elevated bed. You don’t have to worry about stains either because we have you covered. Check out our video guide on How to Remove Stains from Leather; we cover gum, soda, and everything in between.

5. You need a little extra storage.

Some sofa beds can come equipped with added storage capacity. Perfect for the kid’s playroom, den, or home office, a sofa bed adds that little extra space to your room. Sofa beds add storage while maintaining comfort, making the most out of your square footage! As we said earlier, space is limited in Vancouver apartments. At Pallucci, we have a variety of modern sofa beds that give your Vancouver apartment a twist of style and functionality, without breaking the bank.


If you need a multi-use sofa bed that makes smart use of small urban spaces and cozy apartments, we offer several options to choose from at our Vancouver and Langley locations. Visit us in store today to find one for you! Or, browse our fabric and leather offerings, order online, and have it shipped for free!

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