Allow Your Furniture to Speak To You

Allow Your Furniture to Speak To You

Published by Clive Braude on 22nd Mar 2021

With the level of frustration going on in the world we are all feeling a level of invisibility, even maybe a little bit of chaos. Many of us feel like just as we start to get a handle on things, they begin to unravel again. Since we all spend so much time in our homes these days one of the things that can be really helpful is to bring life into your home that allows your home to feel like you. There is living in a home, and then there is enjoying your home. The best way you can enjoy your home is to bring pieces of you into the home.

What we are talking about is your style. Your likes, your wants. Decorating your home with furniture can be a fun way to express yourself and allow your home to feel like it is speaking to you. Start with the living room area. What things do you like about your living room area currently? Do you have a place that you like to sit and unwind. A place that when you walk in the door invites you to want to plop yourself down in it with your favorite cup of tea, and a fluffy blanket? Is there an area you can imagine sitting down with your significant other and your kids and play board games or snuggle up and watch tv? A place that will spark that interest?

Your rooms in your house have to speak for you and your life, because those are the things that make you happy. It is more than just functionality. It has to invite you, invite your senses, take your imagination on journeys to new possibilities.

When you allow your home to speak for you, you enjoy your home and find things to do that make you want to be there.

Another great example would be your dining room. If you cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen of course you want to have your kitchen look a certain way, and though the kitchen is not our area of expertise, where you eat is. The place you sit to eat is also the place where you present your dishes for your family and friends to see. What do you want it to look like? How do you want things to look when you have cooked that amazing meal you spent time preparing and cooking? It is only half the battle to have a kitchen that allow you to cook with ease, but it is also about the final product. Anyone who loves cooking loves to hear that “ooh” “ahh” effect coming from their families’ mouths when they see the meal that is in front of them. What kind of dining table you have can make a huge difference for that.

We have experts here at Pallucci Furniture who have all that in mind and more when it comes to helping you create the home that you want. With our in-house financing, no tax, free delivery over $699 making your home you is just a call away. Give us a call to schedule a time to come into our show room.and let us help you find the perfect furniture that speaks for you.