Getting Rid of That Unwanted Clutter for Once and For All

Getting Rid of That Unwanted Clutter for Once and For All

Published by Clive Braude on 29th Mar 2021

No one really wants to do spring cleaning but once we finally get into it, it becomes truly a contagious experience as we move from room to room finding unwanted items to discard. We all seem to collect clutter of some kind, and though we have no problem removing some items, we all seem to have things that we don’t want to let go of, even though they no longer suit a purpose anymore. So how can you get rid of that unwanted clutter for once and for all?

We have an easy and simple solution for you. Find 5 areas of your home that you really need to sort out and get rid of stuff (be it a little or a lot), then you make a deal with yourself that works. For every room or area that you complete you are going to replace it with something new.

Let’s go through a few rooms as an example. You go through your closet and get rid of unwanted clothes, shoes, odds and ends that are no longer needed. Upon cleaning the closet and making it anew again, you treat yourself to an upgrade to a new bedframe and mattress.

Next onto the living room and the hallway area. Depending on the size of your family that one can become a disaster zone over the winter in no time. Time to bring in the troops and do the big clean of that area as a family. Letting everyone know that when they are done doing their part, that you will be treating the family to a new couch like the one shown below. A convertible couch that is perfect for everyone including the family pets to snuggle up and watch movies, or to have friends sleep over.  

It’s amazing how motivated you can make yourself when you have something to look forward to at the end of it all. Anyone can spring clean their home, and it’s a lot of work. At the end of it, your home still looks the same, just cleaner. Though that can be satisfying, you can spruce it up with some new furniture that everyone can enjoy you breathe life back into your home and want to have that spring sun come shining through.

At Pallucci Furniture we can help you to find the perfect furniture for your spring-cleaning finale at a price you can afford that they whole family will love. Free delivery over $699, no tax, in-house financing and we can also help you with that spring-cleaning by taking away your old furniture for you. Give us a call to book an appointment to come into our showroom, and let us help you find that spring-cleaning reward you deserve!