How to Rearrange Furniture to Breathe New Life into a Room

Published by Pallucci Furniture on 16th Jan 2023

No matter what the time of year is we all tend to get bored with the way our home looks. Something sparks because of one little thing that needs to change. It starts with moving the lazy boy slightly to get a better angle of the T.V., and before you know it you have rearranged the whole house. Now, what if you planned out your re-arranging before you did it, so you could make everything just the way you want it?

It all starts off with a pencil and a piece of paper. Draw out your living room with your outlets first to make sure you know where the tv, the electronics, and the lamps need to go. Then from there you can look at each piece of furniture to see what may be suited better in another area. A lot of times when you do this, surprisingly enough you will find that there are pieces of furniture that no longer suit a purpose, and that you can either sell, give away, or maybe it even needs to go to the junk pile. One of the things that we find that tends to be something that needs replacing the most often are coffee and end tables. Because they get used so frequently, it is something that though we love them, over time they end up with lots of wear and tear. Also, when we move, we take them with us, and many times they don’t fit our new place, but we keep them anyway. Out with the old, in with the new we say.

Another one happens to be in the living room as well, and that’s our sofa. We will cart our sofa around till the springs are gone, and even if we are in one place for long time, we lay on it, we sit on it, the kids bounce up and down on it, and the pets jump all over it. If it’s time for a new couch, you might want to consider getting a sofa that converts into a bed. That way you can have the best of both worlds, and have something new that you can relax on, with new rules about no bouncing up and down on the furniture 

You want to do this through every room of your house. Find out where the best placement for your furniture is, and then when you place it, see if it is the way you want it, or if there might be something better to put in its place. There is always something in our home that needs upgrading, and it isn’t usually until we have done our re-arranging that we are able to see what should stay and what should go. With a few new pieces of furniture in the house, and some re-arranged furniture your home will feel have a brand-new feeling.

Here at Pallucci Furniture we can help you to pick out those pieces that will spice up the re-arranging process. We have something to suit all styles for every room in your home. Come on down to our show room and let us help you bring something new into your home in 2023. Don’t forget to ask about our in-house financing, no tax, and free delivery over $699. We also can take away your old furniture for you as well. We look forward to meeting you