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Employee Spotlight - Wesley Peters

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Say hello to Wesley Peters.

Wes has made the furniture industry his professional calling for the last six years, heading up the sales and coordination division of Pallucci Furniture. If this Niverville, Manitoba native had to describe himself in three words, he’d tell you that he’s curious, passionate, and empathetic.

Wesley gets out of bed each day eager to connect with people. He views basic human connection as one of the greatest ways to understand and appreciate his fellow man, and that’s evident in the ways he spends his time: making music, exploring the natural world, and playing sports and games with his friends.

If he had to choose between a week at an all-inclusive resort and a week at a Canadian lakeside cottage rental, you’d find Wesley heading to the airport to explore the tropical landscape. “I like experiencing new cultures,” says Wes. “I really enjoy hot weather, spicy food and kicking back on the beach.”

Always seeking to broaden his worldview, Wesley lives his live according to the words of Buddha: “When you move your focus from competition to contribution, life becomes a celebration. Never try to defeat people, just win their hearts.”

When he kicks back to enjoy some R&R in front of the tele, you’ll find Wesley watching his favourite show, South Park, or enjoying the many mantras of The Dude in his favourite flick, The Big Lebowski.

Wesley likes to start his day with a good hearty stretch, and a strong coffee and believes that Pallucci has been, and continues to be a great fit for him because the values of the company coincide with his own - dedicated to understanding and listening to people and positively affecting their journey. His personal favourite piece of furniture available from Pallucci is the Comet sectional sofa.

If he could give potential customers any sound advice, Wes says “trust your own senses,” and if he’s honest, his biggest pet peeve from customers is when they try to get a discount on their purchase by saying the quality of the furniture is substandard.


Pallucci Furniture is here for one purpose - to help customers find the perfect furniture to suit their budget and lifestyle. When customers are able to build a relationship with our staff, we can help to make it happen in even better Pallucci fashion. Now that you know Wesley, let him get to know you! Visit our website or one of our locations in Metro Vancouver.

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