School’s Almost Out! What to Do with The Kids on Rainy Days?

School’s Almost Out! What to Do with The Kids on Rainy Days?

Published by Clive Braude on 24th May 2021

The kids have all been cooped up inside the house so much this last year. Many of them homeschooling, many of them in isolation, and many of them just unable to see their friends so they are bored with nothing to do. Listless and unable to resume their normal activities like sport and hanging out with their friends you now have to find alternatives to keep them feeling good about themselves. About. On nice days you can send them out in the backyard to play together, but on rainy, drizzly days, there really isn’t a lot to do. We desperately want our children to feel alive and like themselves again. So…what can we do in the house that can spark a little creativity, or get them excited about waking up in the morning?

For many kids their room has become their place of hanging out, and school-work, so what if you take them outside of their rooms, and create a space for them? A creativity nook where you can put a desk, a chair, a lamp, a bookshelf, a throw rug, and depending on the child maybe an easel, a typewriter or a guitar. A place for them to be creative that isn’t in their bedroom. You could even add a divider to it to give them their very own space, clear from interruption. This is one surefire way you can give them a little bit of them back. Give them something to inspire to.

Another way would be to create a theatre like experience in their very own living room. Is it time to do away with that old furniture anyway? What about giving them each their very own chair with their own side table. They can feel like they are in a movie theatre. We may not be able to help with the surround sound, but we can give you the comfort you need so they can watch movies in style.

These are just a few ideas that we have to give your children the best indoor days this summer they can possibly have. We invite you to come down to Pallucci Furniture where we can let you see everything that we have to offer in our showroom. Let’s spark the creative side in you, so you can fulfill your child’s dreams this summer. Best yet, all deliveries over $699 are free, along with our in-house financing and our no tax. No better time than the present. We look forward to serving you.