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Furniture Options for a Man Cave

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The man cave is the ultimate room for you to kick back and relax after a long day or work. But before you jump into building your new man cave, let’s break down the options to make it's perfect for your space. 


If you have enough space, a large sectional is one of the best options when choosing furniture for a man cave. They're ideal because they can fit more people in less space, perfect for the person who hosts Monday Night Football. A sectional in the man cave will ensure your guests always have room to sit and are comfortable. Make sure you claim your favourite seat fast before your guests steal it!

Recliner Chair

The number one relaxing station. There’s nothing better than getting home after a long day at work and laying back on your recliner sofa. Recliners come in single chairs or doubles, so you have to decide whether you want to share the love. If you can find one, look for a recliner with an attached cup holder, because nothing says man cave more than relaxing with a beer close in reach. Many of the recliners with cup holders come as attached love seats, but don’t think they can’t be masculine!

Coffee Table

One of our favourite do it yourself furniture items is the glass covered coffee table. If you have a coffee table that allows you to lift the glass and place objects underneath, you can make the perfect man cave table! You can add whatever you would like, such as license plates, comic books, or sports memorabilia. When you choose to decorate the table yourself, you’re adding the personal touch that people will notice most when they visit. Make sure whatever you add to the table matches the rooms existing decor! Also, we looked on Pinterest and found these awesome coffee table ideas, check out the  retired old barrel table, the hockey stick table, and the old video game design.


The do-it-yourself mentality is a staple resource when creating a bar area in your home. Customization and creative freedom is key to building a space that’s perfect your you, your household and the type of experience you’re trying to create. Your abilities as a handyman don’t have to be of an elite nature - you can build yourself a classy bar top that creates a simple bar aesthetic to satisfy the designer in you - or you can go all out and build the set of Cheers in your man-cave - up to you!  Click here to review our full guide to create a bar in your home!

Things to Consider


When deciding on your decor theme,  pick an object (pool table, jukebox, picture) that will act as your inspiration in choosing the overall look and colour of your man cave. Choosing a central theme early will make the remaining decorating easy as you will build off of your existing item. Think about your favourite sports team, movies, or outdoor activity and go with it!


The chances are that you’re planning on adding an impressive big screen, whether you plan on mounting it on the wall or not, you will most likely  require a little bit of electrical or wiring work. While you can always find a way to make the cables work, if you want to hide your wires and look tidy, consider a hiring a professional. Before you start to build, check the location of your wiring outlets and look for a optimal furniture layout to match. 

Sound System

The man cave is the  perfect place to install a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. Evaluate your room layout and check to see where a speaker would look best. However, and especially if your space is limited, consider a sound system that is only one piece and provides complete sound, like Bose.

The Evolution of the Recliner

The reclining chair is a modern symbol of bachelorhood, of man-caves, Saturday night hockey with your granddad and of a universal feeling of “ahhhhh.” These lumbar-soothing pieces of furniture have gone through many reinventions over the years, and have all sought to provide comfort and relaxation to supine positions everywhere.What were once chairs reserved for notable leaders, royalty, [...]

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