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How to Furnish Your Home For First Time Home Buyers

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After a long day at work, you likely don't dream of coming home to crash on your tile floor; you probably envision a suede couch, a downy mattress, or a stuffed chair. Buying furniture is important when looking for your first home. Your furniture helps keep you organized, keep you in check, helps you stay rested, gets you moving; a home without furnishings is likely not a very productive home. Though not as important as buying your first home, buying your first set of furniture will surely complete your dream come true. When choosing the right furniture for your home, you need to look to match your personality with your home layout.


Plan out your furniture needs, keep a list to balance of your needs, your wants, and your likes. Each person has different necessities when it comes to furniture. That's why there's such a wide variety of choices. Large desks, sofa beds, coffee tables, full- length mirrors; whatever you need, put that first. A seamstress might need a full-length mirror, an architect might need a large desk, and a child's room might need a mini bookshelf. All of your choices should be customized to you. Everyone’s priorities will be different. Some of the big ticket items include a couch or sofa bed, dining room table, coffee table, TV stand (looking to create a home theatre?), a bed, and extra chairs.

Once you've nailed the basics - bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc., proceed to your wants and likes. These are second and third on the priority list because your wants and likes are more susceptible to change. Your needs aren't as likely to switch. It doesn't have to be brand new to be suitable. Ask around, too; you'd be surprised how many people aren't too thrilled with their coffee table anyway; and since they love you, you could very well get a massive discount.

Home Decor

Home decor ties the bow around the extra large package of furniture. Your home decor should reflect your personality, so be sure to put your whole self into shopping for decorations. They're like the accessories of an outfit; they don't have to be flashy to be your favourite. Maybe one or two is all you need; great. If you need more, just be sure your presentation space isn't horribly cramped, and then it'll be okay. Remember, you don't have to put all of the decorations you love out in one place, or all at once. Most decor items are easily movable and that means you can switch them out regularly, or you can add or take away from your stash, depending on your mood. Some common items include antiques, travel souvenirs, paintings, awards, photos, and whatever fits your personality!

Making the most of your space

All we can say is, 'Pinterest.' When it comes to 'no space,' you could just be lying to yourself. A lot of times, there actually is space. You're just stealing it. If you're looking for ideas to open your mind and your rooms, the keywords to use when searching on Pinterest are 'space-saving room tips.' Save the most helpful ideas you find to a personal board and refer to them when you go shopping. Remember; the options that help your space feel more open and less clenched are the ones you should pay attention to. There's no need to be tripping over rocking chairs and stepping over card tables to answer the door. The arrangements that give you the freedom to walk through your room, no problems, are the ones you should hold onto. If you want to read more about making the most out of limited spaces, check out these two blogs below:

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It’s your home!

Planning for furniture, decor, and space in a new home can be overwhelming, so try to make it fun rather than daunting. What you don't love, you can eventually change, and not everybody who comes over is going to love what you love. That's just how it goes. Don't take it personally. You're the one living in your home, so you are the one who needs to be in charge of it. Yield your power wisely.

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