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How to Make the Most Out Of A Small Living Room

The need for scaled-back homes has increased over the past few years, especially in the Metro Vancouver Area.With today’s sky-rocketing real estate prices, many families these days are opting for smaller, more affordable dwellings. Also, retirees who no longer have the need for the space in their family homes are choosing to downsize into apartments or condos. Whether you’re [...]

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Choosing the Right Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery Fabrics Not all sofas are created equal. With the unlimited options available to the consumer, selecting and purchasing a new sofa can often turn an exciting and fun process into an overwhelming task. One of the first steps is to determine which upholstery fabric would suit your daily routine, budget, and personal style.It is also important [...]

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Around the World in 9 Living Rooms: Decorating with International Influence

International Living Rooms  When dreaming of a new design scheme, most of us tend to focus on a particular colour or element to base a theme on and work from there. However, more and more homeowners are looking for alternative ways to express their creativity. Which is why we think that now would be an excellent time to consider decorating your [...]

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7 Easy Workouts You Can Do in Your Living Room

Don't have time to hit the gym? Can't afford a pricey membership? No problem!  This time of year, the gyms are packed with workout buffs and wannabes getting in shape for beach season. Who really wants to wait in line for a piece of workout equipment anyways? Your very own living room can present unlimited options in helping you reach [...]

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​In the Doghouse Again? How to Make Sleeping on the Couch a Positive Experience

There comes a time in every relationship where sleeping in the same bed is not an option. The reasons could vary, maybe the in-laws are in town and they've taken over your room or that nasty cold that is circulating is making your mate snore like a foghorn. However, the most common reason for not sleeping in the same bed is just [...]

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The Ultimate 'Man Cave'

Since we recently posted about the Ultimate Ladies Living Room, we figured it is only fair to feature the ‘Man Cave’.When it comes to the design of a household, the lady of the manor gets to make the bulk of the decisions. In most cases, she chooses the colour schemes, furniture and decorations with very little input from the [...]

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7 Summer Scents For Your Living Room

With the warm weather now upon us, you may find that your living room has an unruly, lingering odour. This is especially true if you're a smoker or have pets living with you.Summer can tend to bring out these unruly odours where we spend most of our time -- in the living room, where it clings to carpeting and furniture. [...]

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​5 Ways to Create a Cozy Living Room

It’s where we retreat to relax, congregate to watch a movie and host social gatherings. Considering the living room plays a central role in our home life, the feelings it invokes should be ones of comfort and warmth. By keeping these five design tips in mind, you’re sure to create a welcoming space that is both functional [...]

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying an Area Rug

Many homeowners are ditching carpeted living rooms in favor of hardwood or laminate –it’s not hard to see why. Aside from being an attractive alternative to carpeting, it’s durable, easy to clean and can update the look of just about any home. An area rug is a perfect accompaniment for your hardwood flooring as [...]

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6 Ways to Ruin Your New Couch

After months of drooling over that brand new couch on the sales floor, it has finally made its way home to your living room. Congratulations – you worked hard to be able to afford that big purchase; now's the time to enjoy it! Except for some reason you can't – instead of elation, you are filled with anxiety. Just the [...]

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