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10 Tips for Repairing Ripped Leather

When it comes to couches, leather continues to be one of the most popular choices for consumers. Aside from adding that luxury and panache to your living room, it tends to be easy to clean — a real bonus for anyone with pets, small children or teenagers at home.However, even if you are pet/childfree or break the bank on [...]

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10 Iconic Couches Made Famous by the Small Screen

On a weekly basis, your favourite sitcoms offer a means to escape and be a voyeur into the life of a fictional family for thirty minutes. While it's often your favourite television stars who take centre stage on the small screen, it's easy to overlook a silent recurring co-star – their trusty couch.We went couch surfing to find 10 [...]

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How to Pick the Right Sectional

There are several different styles of sofas that you can choose to purchase for your family room, living room, game room or media room. One popular option is a sectional sofa. These sofas are unique because they can be arranged in various different configurations based on the dimensions of your room and the need for [...]

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Safe & Easy Tips for Babyproofing Your Living Space

Is your living room babyproof? There's a lot to worry about when you bring your new baby home from the hospital. Is he eating enough? Does she sleep too long? Am I a good parent? While it's impossible to control or fix every concern, there's is something you can do to reduce your long list of worries –baby proof your home. [...]

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What Does Your Living Room Say About You?

According to the principles of Feng Shui, our homes are an extension of ourselves – your living room is no exception. Whether you consider yourself down-to-earth, eccentric, romantic or ultra chic, guests can probably tell a lot about your personality when you invite them to take a load off and sit on your sofa. As one of the most utilized rooms, [...]

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Tips for Decorating with Black as a Base Colour

Black is an underrated colour in the world of interior design, often blamed because of the atrocities of the 1980s duo of chrome and black. Good news though: black doesn't have to make a space look like a retro bachelor pad delight. Instead, it can be a great base to design a room with if [...]

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Simple Ways to Welcome Autumn into Your Living Room

Along with the crisp air and fallen leaves brings a new season of home entertaining. While it may be getting chilly outside, your living room can easily be transformed into a warm and inviting haven with the right decor and home furnishings. With these simple tips, you'll be on your way to celebrating the changing season with loved ones in [...]

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Using White as a Base Color: Tips for Decorating With White

Some people prefer to decorate their homes with a sunny interior of bright colours that match the springtime weather, others like muted oranges and greys to go along with the crisp autumn. Somewhere in the middle are the people who enjoy a nice, neutral white base colour to fit in with any season or holiday. [...]

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Decorating for the Hockey & Football Seasons

It's that time of year again, when the weather starts to get slightly chillier and the hockey and football fans start coming out in full force to support their teams. In doesn't matter if fans like to watch the game alone or if they prefer to play host to a house full of friends and [...]

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3 Reasons to Consider a Sectional Sofa

Traditional sofas and love seats can fit seamlessly in almost any room, but sometimes, especially in more spacious living rooms, those same couches can just feel too small. When the sofas in a living room start to become dwarfed by the space around them, it may be time to consider moving up to something larger. [...]

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