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Living Room Accessories You Can't Live Without

Finding the perfect sofa for any room can take time, so there's always a huge sense of relief once it's finally chosen and settled. But what's the next step? A sofa can look awfully bare if it is left on its own, especially in a large room, so it's always a good idea to accessorize [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Curved Sectional

Trying to Fill a Large Living Room? Curved sectionals are making a comeback in a huge way. Once thought of as the bulky cousin to traditional sofas, curved sectionals have returned with a sleek modern style and variety of shapes to please any fan of design. They have become especially popular for the many benefits they [...]

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How to Adjust Your Décor to Match a Sofa with Bold Patterns

What happens when the perfect sofa is one that happens to be in an extremely bold colour or pattern? Bold sofas can be beautiful and are an easy way to draw attention to a focal point in the room, but they can also be dangerous if not properly decorated for. Bold patterns and loud colours [...]

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3 Other Rooms Where a Sofa Fits in Perfectly

Sofas Aren't Just for the Living Room Anymore! Sofas, loveseats and sectionals are all commonly thought of as pieces of furniture that belong in the living room. But this isn't true at all. Couches of all variety can be placed around the house as easily as they can be placed in the living room and can [...]

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Sofa Trends: Why Having a Sofa in the Centre of Your Room is the Next Big Thing

It's one of the first questions everybody asks when they buy a new piece of furniture for their home: what now? There are so many options and new trendy ways to arrange sofas are always darting in and out of culture. The newest trend in sofas is to place them directly in the middle of [...]

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How to Remove Pet Stains & Hair from Furniture

Raining Cats and Dogs Bringing home a new sofa is an exciting thing to do. Finding the perfect area to place it in a room is even more exciting. Walking in to find a fresh stain on one of the cushions and a pet looking innocently into the distance? Not too exciting. Thankfully there are quick [...]

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Why a Sofa Should be Your 'Go-To' Piece of Furniture

When moving into a new home or redecorating an existing home, many will analyze existing furnishings to determine which items should stay and which should be retired from the space. One of the most significant pieces of furniture in almost everyone's living room is a sofa, but some people no longer love the sofa that [...]

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5 Small Tweaks to Make Your Living Room More Functional

A living room may be used for everything from entertaining guests to relaxing with family in front of the TV or even for casual conversation and reading a book quietly. This is a purely functional room, but not all living rooms are designed for functional use. The good news is that the functionality of this [...]

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Decor Ideas: Spice Up Your Living Room Using Slipcovers & Blankets

There are few things that can detract from living room décor more significantly than a sofa. When a sofa is drab, dreary or simply outdated in its appearance, it can have a negative impact on style in this space. The living room is an area that is largely used for everything from relaxing with family [...]

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3 Ways to Integrate Blue into Your Living Room Décor

Feeling Blue? Blue is one of the hottest colours in home décor this season, and many people are looking for ways to update their décor. While some will go all out and will enhance décor by investing in new sofas and chairs for the living room, others are looking for more affordable solutions for bringing a [...]

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